New version characteristic

The new V2 model is the first padlock free chastity device. The new design offers even greater pleasure.

What's new ? :
  • A new locking system "Magic Locker" enables the closing of the device without a padlock
  • Even more discreet. No more hump under your pants
  • The noise from the padlock rubbing, hitting, the device while walking is from the past
  • A more ergonomic & always discreet design that offers an easy installation with long term wear comfort
  • The tube is thicker at some key points that were weak on our early version

Assembly of the chastity device

Characteristics of the resin

What is biosourced resin and why use it for a male chastity device?

Our chastity devices are made of biosourced resin from sustainable resources (plants), in replacement of chemical and petroleum products.

This resin combines properties that have never before been brought together, for example, transparency and resistance to shocks, as well as a slower rate of development of bacteria.

  • The resin is very resistant to chemical agents. It contains no solvents, no petroleum-based products and no cadmium or heavy metals
  • The resin is not classified as toxic
  • The resin demonstrates antibacterial qualities slowing the growth of bacteria into direct contact with the skin, mucus membranes or tissue. The resin is odorless and provokes no allergic reaction
  • The resin contains no bisphenol, latex, phtalates, etc.
  • The resin is very resistant to pressure and has good mechanical qualities
  • It is very resistant to chemical agents, solvents, oils and water
  • The resin is resistant to UV rays
  • Even though the resin comes from natural products, it doesn’t wear away or decompose over time

Recommendations for use and care

You may use any type of lubricant… water-based, silicone, those composed of plant or animal oils. The chastity device may be left in the sun, however, it will tend to turn slightly yellow if you expose it over a long period.

The chastity device changes its structure when exposed to temperature changes. At a temperature of 20°C (68°F), the device will be hard like plastic. At 36°C (97°F), it will become slightly soft, which will provide extraordinary comfort for the person who wears it. If you take a very hot bath without removing your device, it will become almost as soft as silicon. However, its resistance to tearing will be lessened. It is thus strongly recommended to avoid bending or compressing the device when it reaches a temperature that is higher than body temperature. The resin can endure temperatures of up to 150°C (300°F); it can therefore be put in a washing machine or be sterilized.

Insertion and use of the "MagicLocker"

he chastity device comes with a locking system « MagicLocker » that slides through the ring & tube to hold them together. The « MagicLocker » is tightly adjusted. If you find it difficult to insert, you can always use some lubricant or put the ring & tube under warm water.

It is important to verify and test the locking system before you put it on. The « MagicLocker » has to be inserted without applying too much strenght. Before turning the key it is important that the « Magic Locker » is all the way in. Then turn the key clockwise to secure th system. The key will be released only when the system is closed.

In conclusion

Biosourced resin satisfies expectations within the framework of sustainable development with alternative products and processes that are more respectful of man and his environment.